Internet and content marketing cold emails still keep a comin'.

In 2014 I left a job in the content marketing/internet marketing realm (BSRS). For a year I continued writing marketing blog posts to earn a living, but gradually phased out of that for many reasons.

I still, however, get cold emails because of the posts out there that have my name on them. (Thankfully, hundreds more posts were ghostwritten and I am not associated with them.) If the posts get high traffic for a given search term, marketing blogs email to try to get me, the writer of the post, to insert links back to their blog.

I get two to three of these emails a week. Still. After all this time. I save them all because someday I would like to write a book about internet marketing and illustrate how false the content you read online really is.

But here is a recent one to show you how annoyingly persistent these marketing folks can be.

Clearly I should have just used the suggested response, but I tend to ignore these emails with zero response so that maybe they'll think their contact information for me is a fail.

But no. Some won't go away.

I can appreciate this woman's job; I had the hideous task of having to write these types of emails, and a boss who would repeatedly ask if I'd gotten any response and, if not, to keep pushing. That isn't my natural tendency, and it was a horrible experience. Out of 20 pushy cold email attempts, I might get one or two takers. Perhaps my boss saw that as a win, but some of us have personalities where dealing with 18 brushoffs each week is crippling over time. So perhaps she is being forced to keep responding until she can check off "done" on some task list or spreadsheet. I don't know.

But this kind of ploy to get links and get your posts boosted in the eyes of Google is repulsive. I replied as much.

Marketers: please quit.

I could write a book on it, but let's just go with that for today: please quit.

Do not email me. I am not interested now, and never was.


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