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Why it's good for you to clean toilets.

Kill your pride as soon as you can.

Don’t ever be too good for any job.
An acquaintance of mine left a job over the feeling that she wasn’t given the proper respect that her education deserved. She would tell me that she was certain the management was jealous and felt threatened, and so she left on very bad terms only to discover she couldn’t find another job.
The idea that she was above certain kinds of jobs made it difficult to find employment. She continues to take college classes and spends money after money on more education, believing that she will, at some point, be guaranteed a high-wage job because more education is the ticket to wealth and what she is worth.
I want to tell her the truth.
She needs to get a job cleaning toilets, ASAP.
She needs to stop racking up student loan debt.
She needs to learn to live on less, in her finances and her pride, and in her opinion of herself.
I can’t say I loved most of my jobs. Nigh shifts at the post office loading dock, working in a kitc…

Skip the black paint on your palette.

Using black paint is lazy.

My painting palette never has black paint.

I don’t even own a tube of black paint.

If I want to make a “black” color, I will use alizarin crimson and phthalo green (watercolors) or a phthalo blue/payne’s gray mixed with a burnt sienna or violet (acrylics and oils).

Black is heavy and dulling, sucking the life out of a painting. I don’t care what the expressionists claimed: black killed expression and led to outlining the shapes and forms in a painting, give them a cheap and thoughtless way to say “I’m moody and dark and also don’t know how to make the foreground stand out from the background.”

In art school, a student was called out during a critique for what the instructor called the “abuse of white”. There was no contrast, but in some way, it bothered me much less than the heavy-handed use of black. Even though the contrast was low, the hues were rich. It reminded me of Monet’s Rouen Cathedral, West Fa├žade, Sunlight.

If you’re using black to make dark colo…

Why I am not a minimalist.

A friend sent me an email yesterday.

While processing routine crap here at work, I’ve been listening to podcasts by the guys at They’re answering questions that people send in via postal mail, e-mail, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Periscope, and Pinterest. If I were a minimalist, I’d get rid of a couple of those accounts.  I mean, these guys had a segment on how you should scan in your old photographs and then shred them. Maybe keep the old photographs somewhere but get rid of some online clutter?  These guys are dicks.
Whenever people start telling me to get rid of CDs, DVDs, photos, books, and anything else that has a digital equivalent, I can’t help but wonder if they’ve considered what they’ll do when their internet goes down or there’s an EMP (I have a paranoid streak). It seems that tidy portability is the only goal, as if there isn’t an additional quality to the physical object beyond the data it holds. They think the problem is merely a matt…