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The files from whence ideas connect.

I'm constantly on the lookout for new ideas or for new information that might relate to something else I'm working on. It never ceases to amaze me how, by simply choosing the next project to work on, so many of the magazine articles or books I randomly read connect or fall into place in the current project. Most of that is simply choosing a new project or focus of interest, with the rest not being magical coincidence, but simply your mind being aware of the new focus and already attuned to how the new information could fit in or relate.
Still, I always love those moments when I'm reading something and it strikes me how much this applies to my current project or area of interest. I also save a lot of clippings and other items that I find interesting that I end up referring to later in various ways. It looks a bit like this:

Since I always have a project on the burner, everything I read falls into place nicely. I'm not sure what the experience would be if I weren't …

Strike two, and you're out. At least on social media.

My blog readers from years past know of my foray into the world of TheoBlogging. It got pretty ugly. Knowing how awful it got only makes how bad it is now all that much more impressive (in a negative way).

I'd started this blog post a while back, and had tossed a link in it to a Facebook post. I can't see that post now, so I don't know if it exists and I'm blocked, or what. I don't remember what it was about, or why I saw fit to start a bare draft and include that. Clearly, something explosive was said. The original title of this post was "A faith blogger goes ballistic on social media" and that sure sounds click-worthy.

A couple of random statements, then.

First, there have been few things as disappointing as reading the social media accounts of the Christian authors (and even bloggers). There are books I own that were a real blessing, only to discover the author is a bit of an ass on Twitter. Super disappointing.

Let's be honest. I was an ass on Twi…