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Easy steps to caring about the environment instead of just lecturing and protesting as if you care.

My brother sent me this photo last summer, of dad holding a salamander. I can see, by the background, that we had salamanders in the Quonset.

This is not the first time that's happened.

About fifteen years ago I wrote a blog post about my efforts to catch and release lots of salamanders that were in the farm shop and Quonset. On occasion, when I run into someone who was a regular reader of my blog back in the day, they remember that post. I'm not sure why; perhaps some were traumatized by the photo of a bucket of squirming salamanders.

I've always loved salamanders. I think they're about the cutest thing around. I love picking them up, and having their little feet crawl across my hand and arm. I have spent hours watching and studying them. I swerve to miss them on roads. On those days when there are mass quantities out on the roads and highways, crossing from one side to the next, I try not to go anywhere because I don't want to run over them.

Now that I live in t…

Love is not God.

God is love, but love is not God.

I'd read that statement in several places in recent months, regarding how so much that the Bible says is sin is dismissed today under the guise of "love." Perhaps the mathematician in us broke down "God is love" as an equation, with God and love on the sides of an equal sign, being of the same value. This is not the case, especially since our human version of "love" is so far from what God considers love.

This isn't just semantics. This is crucial, because love has become an idol.

We've turned some pablum version of love into a god. We take our feeble versions of human love (mostly eros, in this day and age, with little agape or philia) and justify all kinds of behavior by saying "if God is love, how can this love be wrong?", or "love is love," a truly stupid mathematical statement if I've ever seen one.

As with any topic of debate, how are you defining this self-equating love? Sexual? …