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Complainers be complaining.

Wondered what community based news looks like?

Is it a glorious level of truly local reporting in which concerned citizens report on the most important events and stories of their time?

Not really.

As it turns out, it is mostly a bunch of people complaining, with frequent bouts of serious logical failures.

I'm in a few Facebook groups which purport to be places where local residents can report news. Ideally they'd post about phone scams, suspicious activity in their neighborhood, lost/found pets and other items, and share news stories that impact the community.

Some folks actually do this, to whom I say thank you.

Those types of posts work well for the most long as you don't spend too much time in the comments section.

There has to be some kind of mathematical formula for calculating how far a comments section has veered off topic and into baseless insult based on the number of comments, the time the comments were left in comparison to when the post happened, how…

Helm's Deep, the rise and fall of the American empire, and April 20th.

April 19: Dikes break in Grand Forks and start the Flood of 1997, Oklahoma City bombing, Branch Davidian compound in Waco burns, American Revolution begins.

April 20: Columbine school shooting, Deepwater Horizon rig explodes, and...

I present this, the future of this nation a.k.a. why a future invasion of America will be highly successful with little resistance.

I saw this image posted on Facebook with the following lead-in: "Lots of stuff for the kids to do, be sure to swing by the capital tomorrow, there will be live music, and yoga classes. A bunch of free giveaways."

Fun for the kids. Free yoga.

I notice that some group calling themselves Helms Deep will be performing.


What I'd like to know is how well these folks think the Battle of Helm's Deep would have gone had the Rohirrim been all busy with marijuana, mellow with a case of the munchies, insisting that pot was totally innocuous and is the only plant or substance on the face of the earth that would cur…

Too many gateways to guard.

My best advice for businesses and organizations is to leave social media, especially Facebook and Twitter. Those platforms amount to little more than another gateway for customers to gripe and threaten you. You think you're announcing specials and creating pretty images and building a brand and engaging, and people are just using it as a way to anonymously be an ass.

Every gateway of communication that you open up, you have to man. Someone has to be watching it to respond immediately, or not only will the original gripe still be a problem, but people turn into ridiculous narcissistic selfish toads if you don't respond ASAP; they start adding your lack of immediate reply to their already delusional "important" fuss. They even start posting to their followers about how upset they are about your treatment of them, to get them to pile on you.

All those social media gateways basically mean endless mea culpas.

This has become NORMALIZED BEHAVIOR for people now, to respond…

5 ways to be a safe driver in Hampden

Internet marketing is awful.

I worked in that world for several years; I know the tricks. Just thinking about how much I could tell you about what really goes on behind all of the Shiny Happy Marketing People is absolutely wearying. It's enough for a book.

One technique to garner traffic is to create some generic piece of content, and then email all over tarnation to see if someone will use it on their website. There are a variety of ways marketers find and choose their email targets, some more thoughtful than others. Regardless, this is one of many reasons why you see what seems to be the same content everywhere on the internet.

I actually save those emails that I receive (and I get a fair number, since my name is on a lot of marketing blog posts from back in the day and people think I am interested) labeled as "great email examples", because some are so badly done I can't keep myself from going back and cherishing them. Clearly, the word "great" in the la…