BattlBox fights back against Facebook, but with outdoor knives, not tactical knives.

A friend of mine gets BattlBox (I think it used to be called Battle Box, but the name change is sort of explained in a minute), a monthly subscription service that sends out various themed boxes for preppers. It's full of cool stuff like survival gear, knives, stuff for guns, books, water purification, fire starting tools -- all your basics.

But Facebook.

That great beast of loathsome censorship and and fastidious promoter of Orwellian language, despiser of all things conservative and Christian, cousin of Twitter--which is like a fire hose of raw sewage and politically correct censorship--ever pursuant of the lowest common denominator and group think, devious collector of personal data.

BattlBox had to make changes because of Facebook, according to an email my friend received.

At the end of the email was a promotion code that could be used to get discounts on purchasing from BattleBox. I'm not going to give it to you because it was sent to their subscribers. Suffice it to say, however, that the code itself was a not so subtle way of literally saying "f*ck you, Facebook."

"There really needs to be a better option than Facebook," I said.

"A conservative one?" my friend replied.

I thought for a moment. "Not exactly," I said. After all, who gets to define conservative? "The problem is that if you made a truly open platform and did no policing, it becomes overrun by child porn and sex trafficking and some seriously gross stuff."

I don't even think "conservative" is at the heart of it, nor is simply finding a different platform.

Let's say you create an alternative conservative platform. There's already Gab, a kind of "free speech" Twitter. Anything goes, on Gab. If you get banned on Twitter, you go to Gab.

Problem is, Gab still can be targeted by social justice warriors who aren't satisfied that you can't be on Twitter; they basically want you banished from the internet and possibly the planet. All they have to do is go after the company hosting the site, and other tech companies or services they might use (which is what happened to Gab, which had to switch hosts, and remove a few posts at the threat of Microsoft).

It's not enough to just create an alternative platform, unless you are running it on your own massive servers or something.

Maybe carrier pigeons are due a comeback.

Maybe the USPS has golden days yet ahead of them.

Honestly, I'm working on starting a postal mailing list just in case. I've seen what the social media social justice crowd does, and I have less and less interest in making use of the platforms and making myself vulnerable to their idiocy. This is especially the case after the latest InfoWars fiasco in which Facebook, YouTube/Google, Apple, MailChimp, Spotify, et. al banded together to kick the site off their platforms with various lame excuses for why they did it.. At the heart of it, we are reminded that if you have opinions or words they don't like, they dump you. Sure, this time it's "crazy Alex Jones" but it won't be long before it's other conservatives and/or Christians, or anyone who has a skin color or ideology the Intersectional Infants don't currently like.

My friend made a bold statement: "At some point, Google and Facebook should be considered utilities."

That's not a popular idea, especially after the recent net neutrality brouhaha, but the reality is that the "free speech free ideas" internet isn't a thing anymore, not in this era of SJW's targeting platforms and and tech companies, and those companies lacking any spine to tell them to get lost. Private companies own the internet, for all intents and purposes, and they don't have to answer to voters or the Constitution. They just answer to whatever is most popular and profitable. It's terrible that the majority of communication and information sits in their hands.

Google long since gave up on "not being evil" to basically being as evil as you get. I say this as an Android phone user considering an old flip phone and a Garmin for my car.

So no. It's not just finding a new platform. Basically, as an online content creator, you would want to find servers and hosts and platforms located in some rogue nation or with a company that has enough testicular fortitude that they aren't swayed by social justice warrior pressure.

But let's say it was as simple as just creating alternative platforms.

The question is about the level of policing and control, if any. The internet has shown that people, especially online, tend towards the vile and so unpoliced platforms are often pretty toxic and full of trolls as well as a place where predators and illegal activity flourish.

"Let's police hate speech!"

Really? Does hate speech really exist? And if it does and platforms want to lessen it, why is some hate speech acceptable (i.e. anti-white hate speech is pretty popular and acceptable right now)?

Hate speech is a kind of nebulous phrase in which "hate" is defined by the one in power and used to remain in power. And, since they are now going after inanimate objects that are not capable of emotion, such as BattlBox's knives (and I assume, some day, anything that could be used to kill or maim, including clothesline which might be used to garrote someone), they are now sort of adding "dangerous suggestive speech" and "threatening speech" to the list.

So we have a platform used by bajillions of people that doesn't allow, according to their definition:
  • hate speech
  • dangerous speech
  • suggestive violence speech
At what point do anti-trust laws kick in and Facebook, which is less and less a platform and more like a utility (i.e. Ma Bell), gets broken up? I'm serious. They have more control over the communication and information exposure of more people than the phone companies did back in the day.

"So what kind of platform, then?" my friend asked.

"There's no solution. We're at the mercy of the definers," I said. And, unlike the Constitution, which is foundational and does not change, the definers adjust their definitions up and down, based on societal whims. This is a culture that refuses to accept absolutes in anything, be it truth, morals, or whatever else. The result? One day you're fine, the next day you're spouting hate speech, the next day the people who attacked you for spouting hate speech are suddenly standing with you because someone went after them, too.

Just do searches on "social media mob justice" and you find endless articles of people warning it's bad, and still we have corporations and tech leaders rushing to kiss the backsides of the mob. They enable the mob to rule.

It's not just about the content creators, though. You, the reader, have a role.

As the end-user, I no longer rely on social platforms or even Google's "interest based" news to tell me what news and information I ought to read. I find the websites I'm interested in and make shortcuts directly to them on my mobile devices and in my browser bookmarks. I hadn't really read InfoWars before, but I just added that bookmark as my own little FU to the tech giants. I'll pop in there and have a read.

The best news feed is the one you create, whether through an RSS reader or direct shortcuts to the site.

But that doesn't help people like BattlBox as far as them finding a way to get their product information out to their customer, especially when their customers are all on a limited platform. While their email is joking and the changes seem minor, consider that in order to exist in today's online shopper world, they had to change what is actually a core aspect to their product. Tactical and outdoors are not the same thing. And what will they have to change next time, in order to be able to reach their customer?

I rather wish more and more companies, websites, and organizations would start deleting their pages on social media so people started to get the idea that something like Facebook is just where you go to see photos of your friends and family, sort of like it used to be, instead of getting an easy update of all the pages you liked (which don't show up in your news feed, anyway, unless they lean left enough for the tastes of the Great And Mighty Zuck).

I rue the day I joined Facebook. I only joined way back in the day because an acquaintance wanted to send me digital decorated gingerbread men, I kid you not. My friend has never had a Facebook account and I envy that.

In the meantime, add your name to my Ye Olde Postal Mailing List, should the day come and I make the leap. I won't share your info with anyone else.


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