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A costume for Halloween.

A friend asked what she should dress up for as Halloween. I'm a fan of people dressing up as inanimate objects, so I suggested a Q-tip.

"I can't dress up like that," she said.


She pointed out a logical scenario in which she wouldn't look much like a Q-tip but more like a feminine product so I guess she has a fair point there.

At one of my jobs, many years ago, we were supposed to dress up for the full day at work. I wasn't thrilled because that sounded like the definition of not fun, and I imagined the walk through traffic to the nearby coffee shop for lunch. About the only costume I had was a giant red M&M costume someone had given to me. It was as bad as I thought it would be.

I mean, you try sitting in a round foam costume all day and trying to work at a computer.

I find it kind of odd how adults seem to have gone further with the whole costume thing than kids. Halloween is a weird day to run errands at stores, where you have just as g…

When an unknown shows up to enlighten your blog.

I allow anonymous commenters to respond to this blog just because I know there are people who have decent and legitimate contributions to make to a discussion that have reasons to hide their identity in some situations. I have a blog EULA as well. For the most part it works out decently.

So my post about not supporting recreational marijuana, and a sort of related post about how I do research, inspired an "anonymous" commenter to respond. I have a moratorium on responding to internet trolls, so I thought I'd better blog this before the day was over because the guy's response was classic and I'm finding, in recent months, that I take a great deal of fun in being a troll comment coroner.

Let's dissect. I used some mind-altering colors for Unknown's cannabis convenience. You can follow my dude's activity through his time stamps and by visiting the original posts. I also have his IP address, but who cares. I don't. You can go read his stuff over on R…

How I research.

In a recent incident, people kept telling me I didn't do my research, or that my opinions have been formed out of ignorance. So, I'll tell you how I do research for my professional writing (online articles, a 500-page book, and magazine articles), and how that habit is now how I do all of my research when I want to know something.

I make a list of the questions I have, and use that as a springboard. These are questions that encompass basic general knowledge of a subject (such as the time I was hired to write about purchasing property in Thailand, which I knew nothing about) to things I wondered about but was not finding the answer to. Sometimes you have to get a basic knowledge of the topic just to know how to ask the deeper questions. You can't ask questions if you don't know what to ask. So, if I'm writing something and I feel a question in the back of my head, it means I haven't answered it and I need to go find the info.

I use a basic browser search. You type…

For all of you who vote to legalize recreational marijuana, what happens in the following years is your fault.

//  I have several updates at the bottom, in case you've read this post in its early stages. Please scroll down for those updates. Please do read the infantile comments as well, which prove my point of who we're dealing with. Keep in mind these are the more innocuous comments. Also, please do visit this website's resource page to see videos, etc. on what really happens when pot is legalized. Before you send me a message to try to "educate" me, please understand how I research, and don't leave a comment if you aren't going to use your real name. Thank you. //

Does the above graphic leave any questions? Think that title is blunt enough?


It's true.

When you decide to vote yes on Measure 3 here in North Dakota in the 2018 election, the results over the coming decades to our state's health, culture, kids, and safety is your fault. You made that decision. You own it. You don't get to cry over traffic deaths, mourn the rising healthcare cost…

Let's not forget other disenfranchised voters who don't know how to buy postage stamps.

// Read the previous post in the voter disenfranchisement series. //
For the curious, here is the actual North Dakota constitution regarding elective franchise:

Section 1. The general election of the state shall be held biennially as provided by law. Every citizen of the United States, who has attained the age of eighteen years and who is a North Dakota resident, shall be a qualified elector. When an elector moves within the state, he shall be entitled to vote in the precinct from which he moves until he establishes voting residence in another precinct. The legislative assembly shall provide by law for the determination of residence for voting eligibility, other than physical presence. No elector shall lose his residency for voting eligibility solely by reason of his absence from the state. The legislative assembly shall provide by law for secrecy in voting, for absentee voting, for administration of elections and for the nomination of candidates.

Section 2. No person who has been decla…

North Dakota has had 911 addresses for over a decade. Why is this so hard?

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This is the spin: a recent Supreme Court ruling upheld a North Dakota law that said that in order to vote, you must have a valid ID with your location address on it. A P.O. box is not acceptable. The spin is that since Sen. Heitkamp didn't vote to affirm Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court is punishing her with a ploy to disenfranchise voters on reservations who, apparently, use a PO box as the address on their ID and are more likely to vote for the Democratic ticket.

Let's be less paranoid for a little bit, and consider whether or not a DECADE or more is enough time to find out your location address.

My parents live in a rural area. The farm we grew up on never received mail delivery. We had no location-based mailing address most of my life. We had a P.O. box address and drove into town to get our mail. When we got orders from UPS, we had to have them delivered to the Cenex station in town since we did not have a phy…