A costume for Halloween.

A friend asked what she should dress up for as Halloween. I'm a fan of people dressing up as inanimate objects, so I suggested a Q-tip.

"I can't dress up like that," she said.


She pointed out a logical scenario in which she wouldn't look much like a Q-tip but more like a feminine product so I guess she has a fair point there.

At one of my jobs, many years ago, we were supposed to dress up for the full day at work. I wasn't thrilled because that sounded like the definition of not fun, and I imagined the walk through traffic to the nearby coffee shop for lunch. About the only costume I had was a giant red M&M costume someone had given to me. It was as bad as I thought it would be.

I mean, you try sitting in a round foam costume all day and trying to work at a computer.

I find it kind of odd how adults seem to have gone further with the whole costume thing than kids. Halloween is a weird day to run errands at stores, where you have just as good a chance to have a clerk dressed as a unicorn or bumble bee as not.

At one point I made a bunch of rotating headers for my blog with regards to that, and other Halloween considerations.

A few years ago, for a party at the house, I dressed up as the airplane I fly, complete with N-number, propeller, and foam wings. I'm not providing a photo of that. A friend dressed up as an Army Corps guy, so I'm guessing that was during the 2011 flood. Another gal came dressed as a sandbag holding back water, wearing an actual bag and blue tights and shirt.

I think the best costume I created was the year I went as a crime scene to my writer's club party, complete with a chalk outline, fingerprints in plastic tape, and police tape. No one knew what I was, but in a way, that's part of crime.

This year I'm just putting on a Slinky Dog headband I got at Disney World, and calling it done.

Still, I never have great suggestions when people ask for costume ideas. I  mean, I think I have great ideas, but I can never find a taker. Whatever I tell them, they reject, since inanimate objects aren't high on most people's list. My standard recommendation, at this point, is to tell them to go as Amelia Earhart, and just never show up at the party.


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