When an unknown shows up to enlighten your blog.

It's like this.

I allow anonymous commenters to respond to this blog just because I know there are people who have decent and legitimate contributions to make to a discussion that have reasons to hide their identity in some situations. I have a blog EULA as well. For the most part it works out decently.

So my post about not supporting recreational marijuana, and a sort of related post about how I do research, inspired an "anonymous" commenter to respond. I have a moratorium on responding to internet trolls, so I thought I'd better blog this before the day was over because the guy's response was classic and I'm finding, in recent months, that I take a great deal of fun in being a troll comment coroner.

Let's dissect. I used some mind-altering colors for Unknown's cannabis convenience. You can follow my dude's activity through his time stamps and by visiting the original posts. I also have his IP address, but who cares. I don't. You can go read his stuff over on Reddit and figure out plenty. This is the guy; same language.

I mean, check out the Ayn Rand bit below. Did I call it, or what? I'm surprised this guy's handle isn't NDJohnGalt69.

So let's go:

I enjoy reading and listening to valid conversations, but that's not really what you get much anymore. I think it was when some chick named Renee W., a paraprofessional at a local public school, called people who don't support Measure 3 "old hosers" that, after months of quietly watching the nasty behavior of recreational pot supporters simmer, I let loose the pen and wrote that post.

Thank you, Renee W. I still have the screenshots for my blogging memory book.

Just so she knows, I probably wouldn't have written that post except for her proverbial last straw. I would have gone quietly into the election night with nary a peep, but I guess "hoser" was a special consideration. After two years of online abuse during the protest, I certainly wasn't looking for more from my fellow North Dakotans. I give zero sh*ts about such people's opinions and yet I have to get notifications and emails from randoms with varying degrees of gross name-calling, partronization, assumptions, and insult.

But hey. Let's do the dance again, if we must.

The threatening and nasty bullying and online behavior that many of the people who support recreational pot have levied out on anyone in disagreement is vile and disgusting and I'll speak up if that's what it takes.

And you know what?

Once again, just like during the protest, people have been privately contacting me and thanking me. I've heard the stories of people telling of their own lives, or those of family members, that were ruined because of marijuana. It isn't innocuous, nor is the bullying that too many Measure 3 supporters have been doling out as a mob form of grassroots activism. The quiet and hesitant response I'm getting from people who have been mercilessly targeted and mocked for months has made it worth it, no matter what the outcome of the election.

I'm ashamed of many of the supporters of the measure and how they have treated fellow citizens of the state over this one measure, and how long they've done it. All their cries of noble liberty and true Americanism, like the dimly lit bulb of the commenter illustrated above, are an obvious joke.

Wonder where you can find such a creature for your own? Lift up a rock, and find them.

And Unknown The-Gutless-Wonder: until you use your real name, you don't get any more comments published. Put your real name out there, or I might say something similar about you, like what you said about another woman. Look at this powerhouse man, verbally shredding women who put their name to their words while he cowers in a nutless closet of anonymity.

P.S. Yes, I could very well and wisely be much afraid of a little plant.

But if you're not, I have a book full of plants you ought to go give a consumption test, and let me know how it goes. 

It's a good read, and a lot of people have shared their experiences with the danger of these plants, but I value your experience, NorthDakotaExists, so give one a go and get back to me. Thanks.


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