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Complicated Solutions, LLC

After Bible study class, my friend and I got to joking about all of the ways people could "minister" in churches. We'd talked about how all should be willing to minister, that we were all called into some form of ministry.

"I could have a ministry of complicated solutions," I joked.

Pretty soon our conversation went to how that could be a fantastic consulting business. The more complex, the longer the billing cycle.

"Complicated Solutions, LLC -- no problem too big that we can't make it worse."

"Ha, no, wait, we make short stories long."

"The possibilities for government riffing are endless."

"Someone should make that into a website..." I said.

A Serious Lack of Excellence

Too many people are just clocking in.

That includes leaders and managers, and both the secular and the sacred work realm.

I always want to work in a place of excellence, where the team is excited, the leader motivates and works harder than the team, and there is a general sense of all aboard and going somewhere together.

That’s not what I’ve seen over the years, in some of the places I work or in the lives of friends who share frustrations with what happens where they work.

Instead, I see people fixating on if they did their share, met the minimum required hours, or showed up just enough to get their full pay. The job is about the pay, not the joy or value of work. The job is an inconvenient necessity for them to get money so they can use that money to live their preferred life. The job, in and of itself, is not a calling or anything beyond a paycheck. The job is an annoyance because it gets in the way of what they really want to do in life.

I get that. I had dreams. I had things I wa…