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The #OccupyStarbucks movement

I received an email regarding Starbucks' recent store shutdown in order to learn about racial bias. I forwarded it to a friend for a comment, because this friend always has a witty one.

His response?

"Does it make you want to organize some loitering parties?  #occupystarbucks"


If people can occupy Wall Street, if they can occupy Army Corps land for almost a year here in North Dakota with zero repercussions, if they can occupy freeways, and lay down in grocery stores because of the NRA and whatever else they do, surely we can now #occupystarbucks.

New policy says we can, without needing to purchase anything.

Granted, the music they play is enough to keep me away for good.

I don't know if there is an #OccupyStarbucks movement, but I'm putting it into my Google alerts with great hope.