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The sad state of monoculture and its particular effects on arts and crafts.

Just as with agriculture, in which you don't want the same variety of a plant grown everywhere so that one disease wipes out everything, you don't want a monoculture.

Yes, we're a melting pot, but there are distinct cultures in different regions of the nation, and within those regions, a kind of adherence to even older culture.

For example, the Norsk HostFest.

But we have a monoculture. I talked about it in a recent post on a measure that was on the ballot, and I found myself talking about it with a friend from D.C. who commented on the name of the recently elected Rep. Armstrong.

"I just noticed that his wife's name is Kjersti Høiby.  That's awesøme."

That led to a conversation about Scandinavian and German culture here in North Dakota, the unsurprising commonality of names with -skj and other variants, common foods you'll find in different pockets of the state (lefse! lutefisk. fleischkuekle! kuchen!), and so on.

I mentioned the different arts and c…