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Pilot, it could happen to you.

I was at a monthly meeting of an aviation organization I'm a part of. The Safety Officer was giving the usual safety brief. The focus was on an incident, detailed in a monthly safety bulletin, that had happened elsewhere in which a pilot apparently ran the aircraft off of the runway. The title of the article outlining the incident was "It Could Happen To You."

"Don't go around thinking this couldn't happen to you," the Safety Officer said.

I elbowed my friend, and sighed. "I actually fully expect something like that to happen to me."

I don't know if I'm the only one, but I don't actually think "that won't happen to me" as I go through life. Rather, I wait for the shoe to drop.

If you've ever sat with a bunch of pilots, you'll hear their horror stories. I'm pretty low hour, but I've got a couple of oh-my-goshes (Dickinson and Carrington), two mechanical issues, and an oops under the belt already. Maybe …