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A costume for Halloween.

A friend asked what she should dress up for as Halloween. I'm a fan of people dressing up as inanimate objects, so I suggested a Q-tip.

"I can't dress up like that," she said.


She pointed out a logical scenario in which she wouldn't look much like a Q-tip but more like a feminine product so I guess she has a fair point there.

At one of my jobs, many years ago, we were supposed to dress up for the full day at work. I wasn't thrilled because that sounded like the definition of not fun, and I imagined the walk through traffic to the nearby coffee shop for lunch. About the only costume I had was a giant red M&M costume someone had given to me. It was as bad as I thought it would be.

I mean, you try sitting in a round foam costume all day and trying to work at a computer.

I find it kind of odd how adults seem to have gone further with the whole costume thing than kids. Halloween is a weird day to run errands at stores, where you have just as g…