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When public employees forget that you and I are their employer.

I recently removed a comment on a post in which I addressed concerns that had been told to me about Governor Burgum. I removed the comment at the request of the person who had shared those concerns, a person whose name or identity I had not revealed in the comment.

As I've said before, I don't consider myself a journalist or even a reporter (though I worked as a reporter for a newspaper years ago). I'm a blogger writing about stuff that I come across that is of interest, or my opinions, and have been doing it for over 20 years. Once in a while people will come to me with information, but that's not typical as I don't position myself as a source of news. Never have.

In the past year, I have been on the increasing receiving end of different people complaining, warning, telling me of, and in other ways sharing concerns about various elected officials in various levels of office, from the city to the county to the state. Some have spearheaded grassroots movements, usin…

ND xPlains and mansPlains and also, truthfulness in advertising.

I figured I'd borrow from the rant and rave femimob world, and use "mansplains" in a post!


I'd seen a post on Facebook about a new media company and I was intrigued. You can see why, if you visit the home page:

"Title is kind of arrogant," I thought, as if I needed someone to explain North Dakota to me, though I could get the play on the word "plains" because we can't be reminded enough that we're on the northern plains.

I'm interested in getting the real scoop on North Dakota politics from trusted sources--that's sources, plural, i.e. more than one--delivered right to me!

Oh, wait. The Facebook page only shows this one guy.

"Who's that dude?" I wondered. "I thought there would be multiple sources and views provided?"

Tyler Axness. You don't say.


I fully expect a "unique perspective" on "current topics" and "breaking news" and a chance to "elevate" my…

From The Book: The New North Dakota License Plates

// This morning I woke up to my phone dinging from various designers and other North Dakotans who had read my post about the hideous new tourism logo/brand. Reading their messages, as well as a Facebook discussion in which the license plates that came out a few years ago were referenced as a similar design debacle, prompted me to share one of the short essays from my 2016 book There Are Dinosaurs In The Fields. //

North Dakota has a new license plate, and I can’t say many positive things about it.

Whoever designed it forgot the purpose of the license plate, which is to clearly indicate the state and license number of the care. Instead, they seemed to have decided that a realistic sunset and solitary bison was more important. When it comes to trying to read the word “North Dakota”, with its corny serif red font outlined in same-tone black, I cry out for better glasses.

I mourn the loss of my old license plate.

It celebrated Lewis and Clark with subdued blues and yellow-orange, a simple…

The impossibility of being legendary with sans serif fonts.

UPDATE: There is a petition that you can sign if you'd like to see this logo go the way of the dodo. You can sign it here. Please sign it, or in five years this precedent will lead to our state logo being made of Comic Sans and a further bastardization of the quality of being legendary. I'm not saying what you see below is what will happen, but I'm not saying it won't, either.
Hyperbole aside, go sign the petition.

I didn't blog about the revamped North Dakota license plates that came out a few years ago, doggy though they were, because it seemed too easy. Many other bloggers did write about them, so there was no shortage of things said. I did devote a short essay to the monstrosities in my first book, however.

I'm gonna write about this one, though.

So someone shared a link with me today announcing that the 15-year North Dakota brand of "Legendary" has been changed to "Be Legendary."

What, did a…

The birthday party, the choke-hold, and running for Burleigh County Sheriff.

//You can read various updates at the bottom of the post. There is also a related post on some of the online behavior stemming from this here.//

A story broke on the local Minuteman Blog regarding one of the candidates for Burleigh County Sheriff. The race is between Nolan Canright and Kelly Leben. Leben is likely the "favored" candidate (and received more votes in the June primary) because he has been with the BCS office for many years.

According to several sworn police reports and subsequent medical records, Leben used a potentially damaging choke-hold on his nephew who asked him to stop, as did other family members. One of the statements was by a former County Sheriff (i.e. law enforcement officer). Surely they understood the severity of making false statements to law enforcement.

The young man was taken to the hospital. The result of all of this was a neck/spine injury that ultimately kept him from joining the Marines, which had been a dream of his.

The family didn't…