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I see that the words are in English, but they make no sense.

I attended an event recently. I'm not going to tell you too much about it, other than it was a kind of public awareness humanities social justice thing. I'm not looking to make specific trouble for a specific group.

I am, however, going to make some vague trouble.

Words matter. Much of the book I wrote about the pipeline protest a few years ago dwelt on the use (and misuse) of words and how that played into emotions and public understanding of what was really happening. Whether on purpose or not, we've continued to develop and perfect the ability of using a lot of words to say nothing. We're obsessed with concepts of narrative, story, and conversation, but I'm not sure why. We seem to have perfected abilities that are going to get in the way of successfully carrying any of that out.

So I'm at this local event, reading the single-fold program they provided that listed folks involved, waiting for the shindig to get started.

John Doe is the Senior Program Director …

Grammar police, your contribution to this world will be forgotten.

On my old blog, I first wrote a post in March 2014 about the online Grammar Police (or Grammar Nazi's, as some call them). It got an extreme lot of hits and discussion, most of which made me laugh. The comments were full of people agreeing and disagreeing with each other, some poking the hornet's nest by correct spelling, typos, and grammar.

I couldn't have asked for more perfectly fitting commentary.

A recent foray into combative comments reminded me of that old post, as the person responding to me first invoked Godwin's Law and brought up a Hitler/Nazi reference, and then went and corrected an error.

A bit later the fellow chimed in with another salvo of yada yada, ending with...the suggestion that I cannot comprehend what I read. With these folks, it's always the same. Their parry is sketchy, and their riposte is a jab at someone's verbal intelligence.

These folks are easy to identify by key phrases/ideas:

You missed the pointYou don't know what you'r…